Breezy Meadows
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Breezy Meadows
Long Coat German Shepherds

Breezy Meadows Long Coat German Shepherds is located in upstate New York. The dogs are members of our family, and share our home in the open countryside. They enjoy hours of daily exercise for a sound mind and body. A German shepherd is a strong dog that REQUIRES attention, obedience training, and most of all socialization.

The Long Coat German Shepherd is admired for their beauty, gentle disposition, working ability, and their outstanding balanced and trainable temperament. We respect them for their courage, spirit, and power. Anyone who owns a long coat German Shepherd would describe a dog who is more human than canine with a soulful understanding of their human counterparts. 

Here at Breezy Meadows our goal is to produce devoted family members, with fabulous temperaments, that are a joy to live with. Our loyal dogs adore people young and old, are very well socialized, and possess extraordinary character.


Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to come back again for updates on available puppies, and new photos of our long coat German Shepherd dogs.

For more information please contact Peggy at or 585-314-1021

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